Random, Fun and Free iPhone Apps in Japan

1. Bijin Tenki (Pretty Weather Girl)

We all check the weather forecast for the day. Should I bring an umbrella? Take subway or bicycle? T-shirt or Sweater? With or without the jacket?

Well, rather than watching TV and waiting for a mediocre weatherman, why not ask some pretty Japanese girl? ;-)

This free app is called “Bijin Tenki” (Pretty Weather Girl). Daily weather forecast is brought to you by cute young Japanese girls. The girls are different every day, and you can set the timer so she appears right before leaving for work. A great way to start a morning for the guys! :-)

2. Tokyo Fried Rice Album

Food photos are one of the favorite past time activities for Japanese people. Taking them, browsing them, imagining eating them, discussing about them etc.

Here’s a free app strictly for fried rice. It comes with reviews, map location of the restaurants, as well as the tasty photos of fried rice.

3. Aizuchin Plus (Responses Plus)

They say girls talk too much, but actually, it can go both ways. :-D

Here’s an app for both guys and girls. The app contains typical responses to uninteresting stories such as “Wow” “Cool” “Really?” “And then?” and they are announced with a cute Japanese girl’s voice.

For girls, it comes in handy when they heard enough about men’s “boring days at work”. For guys, they can pretty much entertain themselves with this in many possible ways.

4. Megane Bijin (Cute Girls in Eyeglasses)

Pretty Japanese girls in eyeglasses. You get to see a different girl every day.

5. Ningen Dentaku X (Human Calculator X)

This is by far my favorite app. Stick figures enthusiastically march onto the screen and complete the calculations by reshaping their bodies. When you hit “clear”, they all retreat from the screen awkwardly. As a solution to stress relief, some people type big random numbers, hit “divide”, and watch the little people get confused on the screen. According to some Japanese reviewer, it’s a “comforting sight” to see those little creatures working so hard for you and getting utterly confused in vain.

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  1. Rachelle Sung says:

    My boyfriend and I stayed in Japan about a month and I really have a good look at those weather girl you mention here. My boyfriend have some app’s like that on his iphone and I don’t know if he’s serious about the the weather information thing or just the pretty face of the weather girl.
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