15 Funny vending machines in Japan

5.2 million vending machines crowd the streets of Japan, which works out to be 1 in every 25 people. Yes, they are virtually everywhere! 8O

Today, I’m listing the funny, strange, unique, and original vending machines in Japan. :D

1. Warm bunny drink

A bunny toy is mysteriously placed in the “warm” section of a beverage vending machine. One cannot help asking, “why?” :?

2. Blocking the hallway

Looks like this vending machine is blocking a narrow hallway of a residential apartment. It must be convenient for some, annoying for the others.

3. Riding with the vending machine

Found it on a train in Japan.

4. Four dollar soft drinks, anyone?

The top sign reads, “All drinks for 400 Yen”. Way too expensive, even for a Japanese standard!

5. No ID required

The blue section reads, “No Taspo required.” Taspo is a smartcard for cigarette vending machine to prevent illegal underage purchases. Just in case any short person (i.e. child) may miss the sign, there’s a same sign posted near the bottom in yellow lettering…Yeah… :?

6. Milk carton

How cute! :)

7. Lots of machines! 8O

Or wait, something’s different in this picture. :roll:

Nice disguise! ;)

8. Donation-on-the-go

With a choice of 10 yen or 100 yen. In return, you’ll receive Akai Hane (red feather), Japan’s most famous annual charity drive.

9. Yakiniku sauce

Just Yakiniku sauce. Nothing more, nothing less. Notice it’s placed right beside the washing machines. :)

10. Smart car vending machine

This vending machine is somewhat confusing. It says, “Just because it says 0 yen, please do not push the button without careful consideration. The item you will receive will tell you everything about the NEW Smart. And once you have experienced this car’s charm, there is a dangerously high possibility that you will not be able to stop thinking about whether coupe or cabriolet, or what color is best, until you get one for yourself.”

I find this marketing tactic somewhat obscure…

11. Frozen sushi vending machine

In a sketchy bathroom-like kitchen space. Yum.

12. Natural spring water

This mysterious handwriting says, “Natural spring water by Santory”. Or could it be tap water from someone’s house?

13. Study materials

For a written driver’s exam. ;) Priced as 91000 Yen, which is about $1000. I guess in Japan, people still feel safe in putting such a large amount of money in a seemingly abandoned vending machine. ;)

14. Religious ornaments

1000 yen each. Notice the right one proudly displays a lit-up “sold out” sign? You never know what’s hit or miss in this country! ;)

15. Nattō (fermented soybeans) vending machine

Only for 3 hours a day though!

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  2. i love the milk carton!! kawaii~ ^__^

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