Oops, here goes my umbrella…again.

I can’t remember how many umbrellas I’ve gone through since I moved to this major Canadian city where streets are surrounded by skyscrapers, condominiums, and apartment buildings.

It seems like when it rains, it blows. I’m not just talking about the wind, but the situation. It sucks for an avid pedestrian like me. I get attacked by rain puddles, stabbed by some stranger’s pointy umbrella edge, and other random hazardous items like patio tables, shrubs and tree branches that are crowding narrow sidewalks, making them even more narrower.

As I hold tightly onto my umbrella, a massive blast of brutal wind tunnel swings my umbrella left and right, then it quickly sneaks under my umbrella.

When I realize I shouldn’t have let it happen, it’s too late.

The way my umbrella powerlessly opens up is really a reflection of my feelings.

I Give Up. :|

But I’m not the only one who has been suffering with the same problem. Tokyo and other big cities are full of wind tunnel generating sky scrapers.

Now since December 2009, New Zealand-born wind tunnel resistant umbrella called BLUNT has been receiving positive reviews in Japan.

What’s the maximum wind speed for this tough guy?

A whopping 115km/h! 8O

This could be a perfect umbrella for a weatherman during silly hurricane reports. ;)

Seeing is believing. Below is a video clip.

If you are in Japan, you can purchase BRUNT at Tokyu Hands Shopping Mall for 7140 Yen.

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  1. Fatima says:

    Mary Popins would love an umbrella like this!

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